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Everyone loves and thrives off of the excitement and apprehension of a Mystery prize, as after all, mystery and wonder are fleeting gifts to be noticed and savoured. Usually, mystery arrives on Birthdays and Festive periods like Easter and Christmas, but here at Myprotein, we are introducing Mystery Bag right now to keep all of you relishing that wonderful feeling of not knowing your gifts!

What is in the Mystery Bag?

As the largest online Sports Nutrition brand in the world, hosting an unrivalled selection of ground-breaking supplements alongside stylish and quality clothing ranges, who wouldn’t be intrigued to know what goodies, are in store for you?

We can promise you that within each Mystery Bag, you will discover 2 clothing items from our latest innovations that will without doubt have heads turning everywhere and anywhere. Next up, your find a range of Myprotein's bestsellers which will be chosen from over 2500 premium products offering bursts of health and performance benefits for everyone, regardless of body shape, size, sport or training goals!

Lastly, you will receive 1 unique accessory from our ever-growing range to aid your training, performance and recovery!

Why should I go for the Mystery Bag?

Quite simply, you are getting over £37 worth of exquisite products for an impressive £17.99! Just when you think it can’t get any better, we are hosting a social media competition for the United Kingdom, Denmark and France, in which the winners will receive one of Myprotein's bestselling bundles! So, here is what you have to do:

  • After purchasing a Mystery Bag, you need to take a photo of the bag and #MyMysteryBag on all social media sites which includes Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.
  • Next, eagerly await your chance to win a bestselling bundle

*Please note this product is non-returnable.

Ключевые преимущества

  • Over £37 worth of products for just £17.99
  • 2 clothing lines, supplement items plus an accessory
  • Save over 50% of the value of products inside the bag

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Mystery Bag

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Mystery Bag