Myprotein Women's Running Shorts with Inner Layer - Blue


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The Myprotein Running Shorts are ideal for all types of sports and everyday gym use. The unique, modern design combines performance and fashion together, helping you stand out in the gym whilst you perform and look your best. These shorts are made out of lightweight and strong material offering optimum comfort whilst removing any excess moisture to make sure they keep up with all the hard work you put in. The High fit design provides ultimate range of motion for any type of exercise.

Key Features of The Myprotein Women’s Running Shorts with Inner Layer

  • 86% Polyester 14% Elastane for optimum comfort and mobility
  • Stylish side panel
  • Printed logo on front left
  • Stretch material for comfort during your workouts
  • Draw cord on Elasticated Waist For a more personalised fit
  • Inside Pocket for Key's/iPod

Ключевые преимущества

  • Performance sweat wicking material sweeps sweat away from your skin
  • Elasticated waist
  • 2 layer Mesh lining inside for comfort and fit

Perfectly complimented by our Power bra and Racer Back Scoop Vest

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Myprotein Women's Running Shorts with Inner Layer - Blue

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Myprotein Women's Running Shorts with Inner Layer - Blue