Ultimate Convenience Collection

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The Ultimate Convenience Collection has been specifically designed so you can meet your protein requirements no matter what the circumstances. Through incorporating a series of high protein snacks and drinks, this collection is an ideal way for you to fuel and get a good supply of protein when on the go. These tasty snacks can curb your appetite whilst offering an exceptional value for money and a great alternative to other unhealthy snacks. The Ultimate Convenience Collection is suitable for individuals with busy schedules who are looking for a tasty on the go protein intake

The bundle includes:

Protein water, Lemon and Lime, 12 x 500ml

Protein Water Zero's are a high protein drink containing 4% whey protein isolate with zero grams of sugar and fat. Protein Water Zero's provide 20g of protein per 500ml bottle which will help contribute to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass and are also free of sugar and fat.

Chocolate Protein Balls, 10 x 35g

Chocolate Protein Balls are deliciously sweet tasting crispy protein balls made from soy protein isolate. They are light and can be taken with you when on the go and are perfect for popping in your bag to provide a fantastic high protein snack helping you to increase daily protein intake.

Protein Bites, Sour Cream and Spring Onion, 6 x 30g

Protein Bites are a great tasting savoury snack providing over 15g of protein in each 30g pack. Protein Bites are a perfect snack for increasing daily protein intake when on the go, at home or at work and are a great snack choice when looking for an alternative source of protein to support your training goals.

Myprotein Natural Almonds, 400g

These Whole Almonds are 100% natural with no added salt or flavourings and are the perfect choice for a healthy and nutritious snack.

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Ultimate Convenience Collection

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Ultimate Convenience Collection